PLANET STUDIO  /  The Ultimate Room for Recording Vocals & Acoustic Instruments! 

The goal of the studio is to provide an environment for maximum creativity and comfort! Windows look out on a city panorama of water towers and penthouses with daylight filling the control room and recording booth.

The Planet studio is centrally located in the heart of music in Manhattan at 244 West 54th St., Suite 800A. The 700 square feet studio contains a mix room, floating recording room, and a comfortable lounge area with kitchenette. Satellite tv and private wi-fi access are available. The studio and superman logo shaped floating "iso-room", designed by Frank Comentale whose credits include the famed Hit Factory, is acoustically designed and tuned for vocal and instrumental recording and is large enough to accommodate a drum kit. A window directly in front of the recording console provides sight lines to the room. Audio and video tie lines connect it to the studio control room.

A Intel PowerMac 8 core Processor with 12 meg RAM runs the latest versions of ProTools 10 HD3 Accel, Logic PRO, Ableton LIve, Cubase, Digital Performer along with Apple's Final Cut Studio software for video work. The entire system has been wired to TT patch bays designed and installed by Elliot Wolfson. The mixer and keyboard stations have been custom built by Omnirax. 

Video at the console is handled by an Apple 30"LCD monitor. A Mackie Control Universal is the control surface for every sequencing platform. The mixer station features DynAudio BM-5A monitors with a DynAudio BM-10S sub-woofer along with a pair of trusty Yamaha NS10Ms.

Virtual Instruments like Ivory II, Mach Five 2, Native Instruments Komplete 9 Ultimate, Predator, Nexus reFX2, LOGIC PRO PlugIns Suite, Spectrasonics Stylus RMX, Trilian, Omnisphere, REASON/RECORD among others are available along with a custom built PC based GigaStudio with a vast library of orchestral and custom sound sets.

The studio features the WAVES MERCURY BUNDLE of plug-ins which includes the entire WAVES lines. The Green McDSP bundle is also onboard. Rounding out the plug-ins are AutoTune EVO, Celemony Melodyne and Metric Halo Channel Strip. UAD1 and UAD2 UltraPak PCIe cards with all plugs are also installed in a extension chassis and compatible with all host platforms.

An Apogee Rosetta 800 with a Protools HD card - along with an Apogee PSX-100 and a Digidesign 96 I/O provide for analog to digital conversion. Word clock house sync is provided by an Apogee Big Ben. 

The studio has a full complement of microphones and mike pre-amps including Neumann, AKG, AEA, Sennheiser, Shure. Avalon and Universal Audio.  Acoustic and electric guitars hang on the walls. Vintage FX units, Line 6 POD PRO, and THD/Vox combo amps and speakers round out the studio.

The studio also has in its racks an Alesis Masterlink HD recorder, TC Electronics FInalizer Plus, Tascam CD-R5000 and Tascam CD-D4000 recorder/duplicators, Tascam DAT DA-30MkII, Tascam cassette machine Model202 along with a Sony Mini Disc recorder. ADATs (2) are available and easily patched into the system when necessary for legacy work.

The studio has hosted a wide variety of sessions including hip hop, dance,live instrumental tracking, vocal and instrument overdubs, along with voice /over and narration work. The technical ability of the studio is only half the design intent. The human factor of a comfortable, living room like environment provides for a great work flow and encourages the best performances. It takes one session at the Planet to make all come back again and again!